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Tavern of Voices is a voice over talent matchmaker specialising in games, film and animation.

We put our strong relationships to work to provide you with a tailored approach to suit your needs, from consultancy through to assistance with casting, direction and finding the right engineer to post-process your audio.

You understand how to tell great stories.

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Exciting happenings with Tavern of Voices and the broad family of talented folks we're privileged to work with.

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Check Out Solitaire Conspiracy!


While I’m beavering away on Tavern Blackjack, I’ve taken a few hours out here and there to check out the new Bithell Games short, The Solitaire Conspiracy. It’s a delightful puzzle game that adds some new mechanics and some fun narrative on top of classic Solitaire. Highly recommended, doesn’t overstay its welcome, and leaves you with some fun score challenge modes. It’s 20% off for the next week on Steam, so put your peepers on it. Alrighty, I’m heading back to work now!

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Voices You Can Play With!


It has felt more important recently to give over space to world events and their discussion, and keep fairly quiet on social media. But I’ve realised that not sharing what I’m excited about tilts the balance that much further towards doom and negativity. So I’ve got something to share I’m very excited about!

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Those Who Are About To AGJam, We Salute You


Audiogame Jam 2020 kicks off tonight. For two weeks, teams will be working together remotely to build games centered around audio. If you’re jamming, I hope you have a blast! I ran a workshop Monday night talking about using voice acting in games - talking about game design, writing, directing and performing. Sort of skimming across the surface of all of them, trying to give some useful things to consider for the jam. You can check the workshop video out below.

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